September 2017

Soy libre!
Bush rat life began again in February and the pedal just let off enough to turn this thing on. Figured it for a slow year but was mistaken. No shows or festivals, but got to Baie James, San Juan Province, and Solomon Creek; saw lots of caribou. Got home and lucked in to a chance to back up Terry at the Empress with Bobby Dove who is touring the west (move out here how about?). Bob Blair was there too playing steel, and we got together and played in a bunch at the end.
Hearts album is mastered. Trudging along. Back to Nunavik next week. Talk of shows with a couple of bands towards Chistmas. Keep you posted.

November 2016

Well howdy all,
Back from la Fosse du Labrador and the senic shores of Wekuso Lake. Eagles were still fishing from the snags along the buffs a bit more than a week ago, even though the ducks and geese had left.
Boy the time he flys, eh? Rehearsing with the Hearts and Whores for the shows you see posted.
Mixing the Hearts live show from the spring as well. Will have that done soon.
Had made plans to quit drinking and lead a more exempary life, but then the events of November 8th overtook us and I thought, “Why bother? (actually the inner voice was a bit more colourful, but there are children present) If the world is going to hell in a handcart, and we are all going to be swept along for a bumpy ride down a stony road, a little lubrication would at least cut down on the noise”

As Frank says, “Sheep think alike – Great minds think a little differently”

Uncle Thirsty was here with Bobby Dove. They are travelling around giving folks their first earfull of Bobby’s songs out west here. Go see their show and check out Bobby’s stuff on Bandcamp. We are hoping she comes out here regularly. It would be good.

July 2016

Jeez Louise! Time buckets by fast when you are a codger.
Played North Counrty with T. Mighty fine time. Pat Temple and the High Lonesome, and the Russell deCarle Trio kicked ass let me tell you. On to the Works. One of the afternoons T. and I played was abruptly diverted by a thunderstorm and our audience fled “como hormigas fumigadas”
Then Wild Oats – more thunderstoms and Ridley Bent. Fella supports my contention that all the best county songwriters come from Nova Scotia (well New Brunswick too – can’t forget Bob Nolan).
Back to being a bush rat.
More shows in the fall folks.
Check out the Daravara jam.

March, 2016

Why howdy,
Busy few weeks – Carolyn Mark was here and played a fun evening with Mike McDonald at the Aviary. This phoenix venue is two blocks from home and a perfect addition to the ‘hood – support it, all. Saw Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project (go see it when it comes to your town!), Ben’s Poema Poematis with horns-recorded by Miles Wilkinson so we’ll all get to hear it again, the Herbs at the New West (the church of country music), the Dan Skakun Quartet with P.J. Perry, and there were many rehearsals, both ours and others. Snow pretty much gone so its cleanup and renos underway. Looking forward to our live recording of the Hearts in a few weeks. We are doing this at Studio 96, which is a great space with killer sound. Also crawling distance eh?

John Gorham - Charmin Billy