March, 2016

Why howdy,
Busy few weeks – Carolyn Mark was here and played a fun evening with Mike McDonald at the Aviary. This phoenix venue is two blocks from home and a perfect addition to the ‘hood – support it, all. Saw Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project (go see it when it comes to your town!), Ben’s Poema Poematis with horns-recorded by Miles Wilkinson so we’ll all get to hear it again, the Herbs at the New West (the church of country music), the Dan Skakun Quartet with P.J. Perry, and there were many rehearsals, both ours and others. Snow pretty much gone so its cleanup and renos underway. Looking forward to our live recording of the Hearts in a few weeks. We are doing this at Studio 96, which is a great space with killer sound. Also crawling distance eh?

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John Gorham - Charmin Billy