November 2016

Well howdy all,
Back from la Fosse du Labrador and the senic shores of Wekuso Lake. Eagles were still fishing from the snags along the buffs a bit more than a week ago, even though the ducks and geese had left.
Boy the time he flys, eh? Rehearsing with the Hearts and Whores for the shows you see posted.
Mixing the Hearts live show from the spring as well. Will have that done soon.
Had made plans to quit drinking and lead a more exempary life, but then the events of November 8th overtook us and I thought, “Why bother? (actually the inner voice was a bit more colourful, but there are children present) If the world is going to hell in a handcart, and we are all going to be swept along for a bumpy ride down a stony road, a little lubrication would at least cut down on the noise”

As Frank says, “Sheep think alike – Great minds think a little differently”

Uncle Thirsty was here with Bobby Dove. They are travelling around giving folks their first earfull of Bobby’s songs out west here. Go see their show and check out Bobby’s stuff on Bandcamp. We are hoping she comes out here regularly. It would be good.

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John Gorham - Charmin Billy